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The College has a functional Alumni Association actively participating in various activities. It provides a platform where the alumni come together and plan activities in the college.

The association has contributed significantly in the development of the college by organizing guest talks by eminent alumni from industries, academics etc., and provide platform for exchange of ideas. The Association also organizes Annual Alumni Meet to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the College. The association takes feedback from the alumni on improvement in infrastructure, teaching methodology and syllabus to meet the demands of the profession. Apart from this, the Association has also arranged on/off campus interviews either by telephonic conversation or through e-mail with its members. Some of our alumni have also contributed books to the library, which helps students academically.


  •     To promote a feeling of brotherhood among the members.
  •     To bring the old students in touch with the present students.
  •     To arrange to provide charitable to the deserving needy students of the hostel and to render financial or other aid towards widening the scope of usefulness' of the hostel whenever necessary.
  •     To celebration of the present students day annually.
  •     Serving as forum to promote and foster the relationship between the alumni, the present students, the staff and the management of School/College with basic objects of exchange of ideas, which besides being mutually beneficial, will generally help in achieving excellence and professional competence and contribute to improve the quality of life.
  •     Conducting art, science & technical update programmes, arranging lectures by eminent persons, circulating Newsletter periodically, that is necessary from time to time, to maintain continuous contact and fellowship with present and future Alumni.
  •     To arrange cultural, literacy and sports activities amongst Alumni.
  •     To college Scholarships, Revolving Loan fund, prizes/medals, etc., for the deserving students.
  •     To bring about contact between the past and present students by holding periodical Alumni day celebrations and any other means as may be decided upon by the Association from time to time.
  •     To college and award fellowships, scholarships, stipends, travel grants of otherwise support students and research scholars to encourage them to devote themselves to scientific pursuits,
  • To organize programmes, which inspire and motivate the young students to develop interest in any subject.
  • To arrange and hold seminars, conference, symposia, lectures workshops and similar academic activities.
  • To honor and present awards to distinguished alumni of the Department.
  • To establish museums, displays and other means to create awareness. Among the public and to keep them abreast of the complex scientific developments in those subject which have far-reaching effect of Association.
  • To undertake or to do all other things, which may includes similar corresponding, supporting, correlated, incidental, necessary matters which may be found by the Executive Committee from time to time to be conducive for the achievement of all or any of the objects stated above.